We've all been there - it's 10pm, you just got home from work, and you simply don't have the time and energy to prep a whole day's worth of meal for tomorrow, so you settle for fast food takeaways. But you don't have to, because we've got this covered for you.
Kurin aims to produce and serve healthy fast food options for people on the go. We are inspired by people just like ourselves, who simply can't afford to wait 25 minutes for a meal to be ready, yet strive to eat clean despite our time constrains.

KEEN. Kurin is enthusiastic and keen in everything that it does; from sourcing authentic ingredients to serving wholesome meals that inspire people to eat better, and live better. Passion is what motivates us to keep our vision, of a healthier and speedier community.

UNDERSTANDING. The key to making fast yet healthy meals is to know the ingredients that we are working with - and nobody understands that better than we do! Kurin stands by the authenticity of our ingredients and the origin of our food, and the carefully curated combinations that we prepare.

READY. Kurin's food is always ready to be picked up in a speedy time frame, so that you can always enjoy fuss-free and quick food that doesn't interfere with your schedule, and tastes as fresh as we made them.

INSPIRING. We aim to redefine what healthy food means, and that is exactly what inspires our food combinations! Working with authentic ingredients that have different origins allows us to form yummy and convenient combos that suit our local palette, whilst drawing inspiration from our surrounding.

NATURAL. Transparency about the ingredients of our food is our promise to you - we will work towards creating handmade, natural food without involving chemicals, additives and preservatives to ensure its freshness for you.


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